The fastest, easiest way to structure your web projects!

If you've been looking for a convenient and reliable way to create web projects, look no farther than Skeleton. This new Windows version of Structurer enables you to create file/folder structures for new web projects as well as templates. It also assigns custom content automatically to newly created files and folders.

Supported Operating systems :
Download it now. It's FREE!Version 2.0  -  Size : 605.9 kB

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Skeleton is, and will always remain a free application. If you enjoy using Skeleton, you can help ensure its future by donating towards the project.

  • Save your Templates

    Don't worry about retyping your structure everytime you start a new project, save your projects using Ctrl+S.

  • Templates Manager

    You can add and manage as many templates as you like through the "Templates Manager" window.

  • File Contents Manager

    Assign any type of content to folders and files in your projects using "File Contents Manager" window.

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